Eric Ostermann and Lionel Maelfeyt

Brussels Pixels exhibition at Marni

14.11 - 28.01 OPENING THU 23.11

The "Bruxelles Pixels" photography collective, made up of six resident artists, is showing
Brussels in a non-conformist light. The photographers take an offbeat look at the city, whether they are natives or not. Whether they are natives of the capital or have arrived here by chance, the important thing is that the magic happens! Yes, this much-criticised city has its faults, but it also has its great qualities, its particular beauty, its secrets and mysteries, its little corners of paradise, its little-known districts, its
colourful inhabitants and characters... MAKE BRUSSELS TOF AGAIN! / /

At Marni, discover Eric Ostermann and Lionel Maelfeyt


Photographer Eric Ostermann has been roaming the streets of Brussels for many years, and has put together a selection of photos that showcase the city's surreal, unusual and unexpected events and original shots.

Eric Ostermann has decided to show Brussels in a different light, to open his public's eyes to places that are sometimes visited every day without really paying attention. His three niches are street photography, reflections and rooftop shots.

In Le Cercle des Poètes Disparus (The Dead Poets' Circle), literature teacher Robin Williams invites his pupils to literally take a step back and see the world differently. This is the credo ofEric who, instead of climbing onto a desk, climbs onto the roofs of the city. Climbing gives him a sense of calm and serenity, despite all the noise of the nearby city. These are moments of grace that allow him to concentrate on what he's observing and bring out the best in it. Watching the sun set and the city light up from the rooftops of Brussels is already a real pleasure, but sharing it through photography is even more so..

At the same time, street photography takes up much of his time. Every weekend, he goes out into the city to capture the details and spontaneous scenes that present themselves to him.

The reflections he catches in puddles, fountains and other ponds lead him to seek out photographic compositions that are sometimes complicated and totally invisible if you don't pay attention. Having to stoop low to the ground in search of the perfect reflection of the subject to be photographed leads to results that are generally as surprising as they are disconcerting.. / /


For several years now, film photography has been making a comeback. The search for authenticity in photographs, the nostalgia for memories of yesteryear and the diversity of films on offer today gave Lionel some ideas for a new challenge: to capture the atmosphere of Brussels by returning to the roots of photography. As someone who is used to contemporary photo cameras that can capture dozens of photos per second, as well as the techniques
computer-assisted photo editing, the aim here is to get back to the basics of photography. Reconnecting with simple techniques and equipment. Let Lionel take you on a stroll through the heart of Brussels, with a film camera in one hand and a roll of film in the other. Take the time... to capture a moment.

Lionel MaelfeytNTX.Photography' on his social networks, is a 34-year-old self-taught amateur photographer from Brussels. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in medical biology and working in Brussels hospitals, the Covid crisis prompted him to leave his daily hospital life behind and take up photography as a way of escaping this harsh reality. For two years now, he has been regularly roaming the streets of Brussels in search of a fresh, offbeat view of our city, combining digital and, more recently, film photography. / /

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David Linx - Grégory Privat Duo

THU 23/11/2023 - 20:00

Opening concert

Brussels Pixels exhibition at Marni

14.11 - 28.01

Eric Ostermann and Lionel Maelfeyt

Brussels Pixels exhibition at the Jazz Station

From 23/11/2023
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Patrice Niset

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CD release - Igloo Records

Jazz Station Big Band
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THU 07/12/2023 - 20:30

Joris Posthumus Trio

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SAT 09/12/2023 - 21:00 BAR

River Jazz Night

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River Jazz Night: Anne Niepold

SAT 09/12/2023 - 18:00 + 19:30 + 21:00

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