Hélène Cook & Philippe Clabots

Brussels Pixels exhibition at the Senghor

24.11 – 8.01

The 'Bruxelles Pixels' photographic collective, made up of six resident artists, shows Brussels in a non-conformist light. The photographers take an offbeat look at the city, whether they are natives or not. Whether they are natives of the capital or have arrived here by chance, the important thing is that the magic happens! Yes, this much-maligned city has its faults, but it also has its great qualities, its special beauty, its secrets and mysteries, its little corners of paradise, its little-known districts, its colourful inhabitants and characters... MAKE BRUSSELS TOF AGAIN!

Come and discover Hélène Cook and Philippe Clabots at the Senghor.

Opening Saturday 25 November at 18:00

The exhibition is open during scheduled events at the cultural centre.


For the photographer, a regular user of public transport, the metro is a favourite source of photographic inspiration in Brussels. And observing passengers can be full of surprises. Equipped for this series with a small, discreet camera, Hélène tracks down original feet in the metro: funny coloured trainers, trendy derbies or high heels, various boots, unidentified shoes... She shows us that the metro is a place that reflects the diversity of Brussels.
It attempts to isolate the feet of the passengers waiting on the platform or getting on and off the carriages, to highlight the human as an individual in the mass of travellers.

What all the photos in his series have in common is that the lens focuses on a pair of shoes with
The background is the platform or carriage, and the boundary line of the platform edge is always used to set the context of the metro and add a dynamic perspective to the shots.

Artist-photographer, born and bred in Brussels, Hélène Cook is passionate about urban photography. She has a particular penchant for urban landscapes and street photography, but not only that. She likes to convey positive emotions through colourful contrasts, dynamic perspectives, symmetry, reflections, candid scenes and so on.

A member of the Bruxelles Pixels photography collective and the Viewfinders Photography Club of Brussels, Hélène regularly takes part in photography exhibitions in Brussels. Several of her photos have won prizes in photography competitions.

helenecookphoto / helene.cook.photo.brussels / helene-cook.eu/

RELATIVE MOVEMENT - Philippe Clabots

Relative motion: the motion of a body relative to another body.
any other reference frame.

I'm never bored in a city. I watch the ceaseless movement of people who are part of the global movement while being focused on their own needs and desires, on their own movements. Admiring the architecture, rushing to get to work on time, running an errand, ...
Being alone in the middle of a group. Very often I find myself imagining, for a brief moment, a story around one person: Why is she in that place at that moment? Where are they going? Where are they coming from? What are they thinking?
The aim of this project is to share fleeting moments with you and to enable you to project yourself into the minds of some of the actors in this gigantic play by asking yourself these questions.
To visualise this concept of uniqueness in the midst of others, I have chosen to keep in focus only the set and the person who caught my attention. The other actors in the play are shadows or diffuse shadows.

Philippe Clabots has always been attracted to photography, but it became a passion almost fifteen years ago. A self-taught photographer, he learned his trade through lectures, groups, perseverance, the desire to improve and thousands of photos.
But the essential element in this progression, or rather initiatory journey, is the encounters he has made over the years. Meetings with photographers, who will recognise themselves, but also, since 2014, with visitors to the exhibitions in which he has the pleasure of taking part.
Initially centred on opportunistic photography, based on his daily life or his travels, he is moving more and more towards coherent series of images with the aim of telling a story, conveying an emotion or bearing witness to a moment in life.

facebook.com/brusselspixels / instagram.com/brusselspixels / brusselspixels.be/

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Brussels Pixels exhibition at the Senghor

24.11 - 8.01

Hélène Cook & Philippe Clabots

Guy Verlinde
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SAT 25/11/2023 - 15:00


Steven Delannoye Quartet

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